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Kasdon Law is an experienced real estate and tax law firm that has been representing clients as general and litigation counsel for more than 25 years. In real estate, the firm represents property owners—private landlords, cooperative and condominium boards—in real estate and commercial leasing transactions or litigation. Kasdon Law also represents tenants in Landlord-Tenant disputes or in civil cases.

In addition, Kasdon Law advises clients on a variety of legal and tax-related matters including organization structure, real estate acquisitions, private equity investments, grant-making procedures, business operations and exit strategies.

September 19, 2019
real estate transactions | Kasdon Law | New York City

Real Estate Transactions

September 19, 2019
real estate litigation | Kasdon Law | New York City

Real Estate Litigation

September 19, 2019
Civil Law | Kasdon Law | New York City

Civil Law

September 19, 2019
Tax Law | Kasdon Law

Tax Law

  • EZ Building Services Inc.
    I bought a residential condo as an investment and inherited very difficult tenants. On the recommendation of a friend I hired James Kasdon to bring a case to remove the tenants. The tenants got a lawyer but Kasdon got it settled immediately and when they defaulted and got court stays for more time Kasdon got them denied, got me a money judgment for all the rent and then got the judgment paid. Throughout he explained the way the system works, my options, what to expect, charted a winning strategy with me and made it happen. Extremely pleased with him and his work.
    EZ Building Services Inc.
  • Jonathan Holman
    Jim Kasdon has been my landlord tenant attorney since the mid 1990s. Jim has always been very responsive and prompt, and extremely knowledgeable on the law and procedure. He is honest and hard working - zealously and effectively representing me. Jim is a great attorney in a difficult field.
    Jonathan Holman
  • Daniel Kogan
    I have worked with Jim Kasdon for nearly 20 years, first as an agent for landlords and Coop and Condo Boards and then as a coop and condo Board member and as a landlord, also personally seeking and using his counsel and litigation services. I've seen a lot of lawyers over the years in the boardroom, at a negotiating table and in court. The best way to describe my view of him and what he brings in representing me is this: When my first child was being born I was panicking in the hospital. Then the doctor walked into the room and everything was suddenly safe and all ok. When Jim joins me in a courtroom or boardroom or at a negotiating table, I am relieved and secure knowing that he is prepared and that I will be excellently represented. He understands my needs and priorities, the dynamics with his client, the other side and the judge, and gets excellent results. Highest possible recommendation.
    Daniel Kogan